Spotting an opportunity to fulfil her own business ambitions, Perdy offers to pay the vets bill herself in exchange for a share in Katie’s business. Meanwhile, Jo turns on the crocodile tears for Hari saying she was to blame for the accident and begs him to delete Katie’s bill. Perdy is stunned to hear the bill has already been paid off. Meanwhile, Steph returns to the village. Eager to get back into village life she asks for a job at the B&B. When Jean turns down her offer, Steph decides to play on Louise’s jealousy of Jean by telling Louise that she’d like to work at the B&B but the ‘new’ boss has said no. Louise offers her a job to get one over on Jean, forgetting the following evening is the murder mystery night. Elsewhere, determined to get the money back from Jasmine, Scott tries to sweet talk her into to telling him where the money is hidden.


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