Ted arrives at the scene and immediately puts two and two together, figuring out that Steve has broken into 3 Demdyke Row and robbed The Woolpack with Pip. Steve takes Sam hostage and escapes when Annie gives him her car, with Ted in pursuit.


Donald is woken in the Vicarage by Pam and Will banging on his front door. They confront him about Pip being missing believing he is responsible. He explains that Pip has been to see him but he couldn't help her as she was underage. P.C. Edwards visits Joe at Demdyke Row and takes note of the break-in. Henry and Amos are still locked in the cellar and both are now drinking the stock. At dawn, Steve wakes Pip as they prepare to flee to Hotten. Sam prepares to leave to for Gowper's Pond again. Matt tells Joe that Annie's planning a competition to see who can catch the pike as a way of fundraising for the church. As Joe and Matt leave the farmhouse to start work, they hear a shotgun go off and notice P.C. Edwards chasing Steve and Pip up the yard with Steve brandishing the shotgun. They burst into the shed where Sam is and Steve threatens to blow his head off. Steve tells them he wants a car to escape with Pip. P.C. Edwards goes to phone for assistance, anticipating a siege at the farm. Annie wants to have a word with Steve but PC Edwards refuses. She slips out while P.C. Edwards is on the phone and shouts to Steve that he can have her car in exchange for the gun. They make the exchange and Steve and Pip drive off, just in time for P.C. Edwards to leave the farmhouse and see them absconding. Donald finally comes face to face with Paul and explains that the Coulters are at their wits' end and gives him the opportunity to go and do his duty by offering them comfort. When Paul refuses, Donald accuses him of being a bigot. Paul explains that Pam has been a burden to him ever since he arrived in the village and that he has never once tried to keep Pip away from the church. As they talk, Donald hears Henry and Amos crying out from the cellar.


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