Tom rejects his accountant's advice to sell Home Farm and then doesn’t show up for the ball. An infuriated Rosemary rages at Tom before surprising him with a kiss. The ball is deemed a big success and Tom and Rosemary decide to toast the evening. Elsewhere, Perdy and Matthew agree to accompany one another to the ball, to Rosemary's chagrin. The Champagne flows at the party and their loud behaviour leaves Rosemary seething. Later on, Perdy discovers Matthew alone in his office and the pair flirt before having sex. They sneak back to the party unaware of Hari’s presence. Also, Toni agrees to move in with Len but he is shocked at the severity of her scarring. Paddy is still wallowing in self-pity until Len reminds him that Toni is the one who will be scarred for life.


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