Donald tries to make Paul see that Pam is the reason Pip turned criminal and went on the run. Will believes the same and attacks Pam, hospitalising her.


Paul and Donald continue to disagree with each other. Donald tells him regardless of his belief, his actions have caused Pam to reduce her daughter to a condition which drove her to take part in armed robbery and be on the run from the police. Amos has had a chain installed on the back door of The Woolpack. His report on the robbery and siege has also reached the papers. P.C. Edwards informs Annie that her car has been found in Manchester but there is still no sign of Steve and Pip. Henry is disappointed that his wallet was stolen in the robbery. Annie worries about how Will is coping. Sam runs into Will at Gowper's Pond. Will tells Sam he blames Pam for driving his daughter away and he blames himself for letting Pam do it. He returns home and assaults Pam, hospitalising her. Henry drives Annie to pick her car up. Later, the pike catching competition takes place at Gowper's Pond and P.C. Edwards wins. Annie and Donald count the fundraising proceeds and present the prize of a bottle of whiskey to P.C. Edwards. He decides to donate the bottle to a raffle with the proceeds going to help the Coulter and Hawker families following their recent ordeal. Annie gives Henry a wallet as a present from everybody at Emmerdale and Amos, saying she tried to find an exact match to the one stolen in the robbery but was unsuccessful. Henry is touched.


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