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Donald shows new headteacher Antony around the school and introduces him to caretaker Seth. Meanwhile, Phyllis sends Dolly a letter about the wedding arrangements and sends Jessie to go through them with Dolly.


A man drives by in a car and splashes Sam with a puddle. Amos is annoyed when the gas is cut off at The Woolpack. Dolly receives a letter from her mother saying she wants Dolly to wear a taffeta wedding dress. She also reminds her that they will have eleven relations at the reception, not counting friends. Matt doesn't think they'll have the room. Annie thinks they should splash out and hold the reception at the Village Hall. Donald runs into Antony Moeketsi, the new school headmaster. On realising he has nowhere to stay, Donald offers to put him up at the Vicarage. A man from the gas board, Abraham Scarsdale, arrives to see Amos. He tells Amos that he has a fault cutting off his supply. Donald warns Antony to watch out for some of the school children, particularly Fred Armstrong and later introduces him to school caretaker, Seth Armstrong, so he can see why. Sam's annoyed to discover the man who splashed him is the new school headmaster. Henry gets on well with Abraham to Amos's annoyance. Dolly's aunt Jessie arrives in The Woolpack. She says her mother has sent her to go through plans for the wedding. She invites herself to stay in Dolly's room at Emmerdale Farm.


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Dolly Skilbeck: "That's what I like about village life. It's the feeling of belonging, of continuity."

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