Jack has been diagnosed with shock and concussion following George's attack. Penny arrives to find her dad but is distraught to discover he recently died.


Frank and Janie decide to go to Spain for their honeymoon after all. Joe introduces himself to Penny and tells her that the millhouse belongs to his family. She says that she's looking for her father who's staying with Jack, a tramp named Trash. Annie reports back to Sam and Henry about the real reason Verney beat Jack. He has been diagnosed with shock and concussion. Joe and Matt take Penny back to the farm in the hope Annie will be able to pick the right words to tell Penny that Trash is dead. Penny weeps upon hearing the news. Reverend Ruskin shares with Liz Amos's fears of Alison getting too friendly with Jack. He mentions it to Alison and she already has half an idea of what he's going to say. Reverend Ruskin makes it clear that Amos said her job is riding on it. Annie has let Penny stay the night in Joe's bed. Laura is looking after Jack. She tries to get him to leave Beckindale with her, but he won't. He tells her to say sorry to George for him and mention that he won't be taking him to court. Penny offers to help Joe on the farm, he's thrilled. She talks to Joe about how she used to be at art college but left as they never let her do her own thing. He offers to teach Penny to fish. Annie shows Jack today's newspaper, they've printed an apology to George. Jack tells Annie there's nothing between him and Laura. Annie informs Jack there's a girl at the farm who wants to see him, she's Trash's daughter. Jack wants to see her now but Annie insists he wait until tomorrow. Alison proves Amos wrong again when all the rolls sell for the second day in The Woolpack. Once the customers are out of the pub, Alison says Reverend Ruskin passed on his message and now she wants a word with him.


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Memorable dialogue

Annie Sugden: "Whatever you got up to in London, you've not made much of yourself since you got back here."
Jack Sugden: "Touché."

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