Carl and Matthew are surprised when Jimmy returns, hell-bent on telling the truth about the house collapse. The brothers’ plans to complete the project are left in limbo as Jimmy refuses to give in, with Jimmy finally sobbing and saying they're all murderers. When Carl has to break his date with Chas, she and Eli scope out Home Farm; after realizing Jimmy is back, they sneak off to get drunk, unaware that Matthew has seen them. Meanwhile, after Viv and Bob are reassured that the babies are healthy, Viv turns her attention to her business interests. She seems set to sell both the café and Post Office before Paddy comes up with a way to alleviate her burden. They ask Emily to help out; she initially refuses, but after visiting Viv and making peace with her, she agrees, as long as Viv agrees not to sell up. Also, Shadrach convinces Rodney that he must sell his 4x4 to help the scrap business. After swapping it for a clapped out van, he is infuriated to realize there are chickens in place of an engine. He storms away, glass breaking out of the window after he slams the van door. Andy continues to be paranoid about Emily possibly taking baby Sarah; Jo uses the opportunity to make Katie feel more ill at ease at the farm.


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