Tom returns to the village to discover that Jimmy’s back and in a sorry state. Jimmy questions his father's decision to hide the kidnap from him and intimates that Tom's pressure led to him making the mistakes which caused the house collapse. Tom retorts before firing a warning at his troubled son. Meanwhile, Rosemary orders Eli out of Home Farm and later accuses him of theft. Eli quickly denies the charge and is supported by Chas. Racked with jealousy, Carl angrily attacks Eli forcing Chas to come between them. Tom is disgusted and confides in Rosemary. Also, Viv comes home from hospital intending to close the Post Office. Donna persuades her to reconsider and Emily echoes her pleas. Viv remains unsure about the future of her business and later Len reveals the Post Office sign has broken off.


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  • An error in the credits sees Chas Dingle's credit reversed; in that Lucy Pargeter is credited as character and Chas Dingle as actress.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,700,000 viewers (12th place).
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