Dolly and Jessie lock horns and Dolly declares that she's having nothing other than a white wedding. Meanwhile, on his first day of teaching, Antony and the school children find a skull.


Dolly and Jessie have been arguing through the night. When Jessie comes down in the morning, she manages to clear the breakfast table but demands Matt stay to discuss the wedding. Abraham uncovers the source of the gas problem - water. He has a lad digging for him and begins to set about fixing the problem. Matt finds himself frustrated by Jessie's comments and walks out of the conversation. Dolly's temper flares as she tells Jessie she's not having anything other than a white wedding. Annie is forced to step in when their argument turns personal. As the dig by the gas board continues, a human skull is uncovered. Antony starts his first day at the school. Being the school's first black teacher, he explains to them about his background informing them that he was born in Africa and sent to England for his education and returned to Africa to teach until a short time ago when freedom of speech became difficult. Annie gives Dolly the idea of starting a mementos album and she plans to write to her mother that evening for her papers. Jessie advises her not to. Antony and the schoolchildren head out for dinner but are distracted by the discovery of the human skull. Antony finds a locket with the skull reading 'Hannah Elizabeth 1784'. Sam is thoughtful upon hearing the name. Antony takes the news and the locket to Donald who ponders who she could be, while the police arrive for the bones. Annie is shocked when Jessie confesses to her that Dolly was never christened.


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