Tom plays peacemaker and forces Edna and Lily to talk to each other. Lily berates Edna for not letting her have Peter back, especially as she was unable to have anymore children. Elsewhere, Steph is in high spirits after meeting with her solicitor, still confident she’ll get off. Alan is less optimistic, worried what the media will make of the trial and how his daughter will cope. Meanwhile, Jamie’s illegal meat suppliers give Marlon pork instead of veal, ruining his veal stew that he’s prepared for the Gastronomic Society lunch. Marlon tries to serve the stew with pork but Val becomes suspicious when they begin to get complaints.


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Val Lambert (to Louise Appleton): "If I wasn't working you'd be over this bar, you flaxen, feckless trollop."
Hari Prasad: "Whoa, back off, Val, please. This lady's with me."
Val Lambert: "Lady?! She's no lady. If she's a lady, I'm the Queen Mother."
Jo Stiles: "But ain't she dead?"

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