Edna informs Tom of her discovery but he is quick to dismiss her fears. Undeterred she goes to question Jimmy and he quickly becomes angry. Tom enters and is furious with Jimmy's blatancy, before turning his attention to Edna. She insists that she will go to the HSE, but becomes horrified when Tom ultimately reveals his true colours. He then threatens to reveal her secret to Peter before departing from her house, leaving a betrayed Edna shocked and worried. Meanwhile, Val receives a summons from the police and is quick to bar Jamie and Jasmine from The Woolpack. Jack is incensed by the previous day's events and tells Val that Diane is due back tomorrow. Elsewhere, Eli tries to convince a hung-over Jasmine that they can work together to take Debbie and Scott’s money. She dismisses him though, insisting that she would never trust another man to help her, particularly another Dingle.


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