Edna is horrified to see Peter back in the village, accompanied by Tom. Afraid of what Tom might do, Edna admits to Peter that she isn’t his mother. Peter demands to know why it has taken so long for her to tell him and is angry when she says it is because of Tom's blackmail. Unable to cope with her deceit, Peter leaves the village forever. Also, Tom is livid when rumours fly around that the Kings are almost bankrupt. Matthew promises his father that incoming capital from the housing development will soon ease their worries, but Tom wants to use the pension fund instead. His anger grows when he finds it to be empty and turns on his sons. Meanwhile, the villagers are concerned when news spreads of Billy Hopwood’s impending release. Bob and Kelly agree to keep the information from an already fragile Viv, while Daz and Jack visit Billy in jail. An emotional Daz warns his father to stay away and pledges his loyalty to the Sugdens.


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