Plans begin to get Dolly christened, while the villagers try to find out who the mysterious Hannah Elizabeth is. Also, Antony offers to teach Seth how to read.


Antony thinks the schoolchildren should take an interest in local history and wants to use the discovery of the skull to encourage them. He tells Donald he's settling in but is apprehensive about the upcoming musical as he has no musical knowledge himself. Donald suggests he should speak to Sam. Jessie tells Annie she likes Matt. She tries to confess to Dolly that she was never christened. Sam isn't pleased about being asked to help Antony with the school musical and bluntly turns it down. Antony discovers that Seth can't read. He offers to teach him. Seth agrees provided it's kept secret. Jessie and Annie speak to Donald about Dolly getting christened. He suggests that she will have to be baptised at Robblesfield. Annie isn't sure Sam will like it. Matt tells Dolly about his childhood. He tells her he spent time in a children's home after his mother and father died when he was nine. She starts crying asking what Matt must think of her for giving her baby away. Matt comforts her. Sam walks in on Antony teaching Seth to read. Donald has done some research in the parish records on the human skull and accompanying locket found and has discovered that Hannah Elizabeth was the daughter of Elizabeth and Samuel Gough. He shows Antony a gravestone in the cemetery dated '1801' that pays memorial to both Elizabeth and Samuel Gough who died of smallpox. Donald tells Antony, Henry and Amos that he scoured the records for information on Hannah Elizabeth and there is no information on her past 1880. Amos plans to ask families if they had a 'Hannah' in their family.


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