Edna presents the forged report to the HSE and their officials turn up at Pear Tree Cottage. The house is searched and Jimmy is questioned again, but no evidence is found. Later, Matthew blames his father for their problems and a vote is taken on Tom’s future. Elsewhere, Bob learns of the forged report and his hopes are raised that the Kings will face justice for Dawn’s death. He is aghast, however, to learn from the HSE that Edna's evidence is insufficient. This prompts Bob to turn on Edna, particularly when Rosemary gets involved to expose her crush on Tom. Shortly afterwards, Edna slaps Tom across the face when he insists to generally caring for her. Meanwhile, Diane and Val use their charms on Inspector Watkins at the police station and are relieved to escape with a warning. Jack is annoyed by their childish behaviour, but the sisters continue to celebrate in The Woolpack. However, an unexpected visitor soon wipes the smiles from their faces.


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