Bob feels betrayed by Jean’s suggestion that they accept the Kings’ compensation. When Jimmy hears from Bob that Tom has offered the Hopes £100,000, he is amazed and under pressure from Bob admits that he was accountable for the accident. After coaxing from Bob, Jimmy leaves with him to confess all to the HSE. When they bump into Tom en route, he's stunned to discover Jimmy's intentions and puts a stop to it. When Bob's lone protestations at the HSE are dismissed, he drives back in a rage and upon seeing Tom in the road, sees red and puts his foot down. Meanwhile, Ashley is quick to dismiss Betty’s claim that Edna only brought the report to attention as revenge for Tom's rejection, and goes to see her. Elsewhere, Paul speaks to Matthew about the availability of Victoria Cottage and when he suggests to Emily that they both move in, she worries about Viv’s reaction to her involvement with the Kings.


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