When Len hears from Pearl that Edna has been increasingly upset. he seeks her out in church. Though Edna insists on being left alone, she unintentionally confirms Len's theory when they slowly discuss her situation with Tom. Knowing that he's the cause of Edna's isolation, Len storms over to confront Tom at Home Farm where Pearl is forced to leave the duo alone. Tom belittles Len and reveals the truth about Edna's son. Edna is later mortified to learn that Len knows her secret and promptly throws him out. Furious at the situation, Len seeks out Tom for round two; they briefly engage in a physical fight which Carl breaks up, whereas Jimmy couldn't help but watch in delight at seeing their father getting pounded. The confrontation ends with Tom proclaiming Edna to be responsible for her own actions, and Len promising Tom that his comeuppance will be inventible one day. Meanwhile, Matthew secretly continues to negotiate with property developer Chris Horton behind Tom's back - yet it doesn't go as expected when Chris points out that his family are no strangers to having a "terrible reputation". Following an earlier discussion with Horton in the cafe, Kelly sees an opportunity when he leaves his mobile behind, and when she returns his phone her efforts are rewarded by the offer of a drink. When Emily throws a spanner in the works by leaving Kelly to run the café alone, she is determined not to miss her date and closes up. This prompts a furious row with Viv and Bob, resulting in Kelly revealing a few home truths. In addition, when Bob dismisses Viv's warning to keep away from Tom, her anxiety escalates and she feels a twinge in her stomach.


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