After Kelly is jilted by the property developer and then rejected by the Hopes, she fixes her attention on Jimmy. The lonely pair go for a drink where Bob berates his stepdaughter for associating with Jimmy and warns her to keepy away from him; although reminded by her step-father that his family caused the death of Dawn is loud and clear, Kelly continues to console with Jimmy anyways until she proceeds to explain her true intentions to Scott. Elsewhere, Tom is affronted when Pearl indirectly blames him for his previous confrontation with Len, whom she obliquely defends in the process, and wastes no time in threating her job before Rosemary manages to calm things down between the pair. Pearl later visits Edna and is surprised at her request to move out of her home; with Edna claiming that she needs some time alone. When she confides to Len about the situation as well as pleading with him to give their relationship another try, Pearl becomes shocked when Len reveals that he is in love with Edna; albeit he admits that she had already known of his true feelings towards her. Meanwhile, Alan crumbles at Terence’s funeral and elucidates to Betty that he has lost everyone who was close to him. Betty assures him that he's not alone and that Shelly might come back one day, only for Alan to disclose that Steph killed Shelley and that she had confessed to Terence's murder in order to gain some penance and maintain her love and respect towards her father.


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