The women of the village stop and stare as David Metcalfe arrives in Emmerdale. Val gives him 20 questions, curious about where he's come from and his marital status. Del spots him in the pub and Val encourages her to make a move. David buys her a drink and they hit it off straight away. He confesses to Del that he's in Emmerdale to find his dad. After a night on the tiles, Sandy is shown the door by Betty. Later Alan’s annoyed when Sandy turns up drunk and disrespectful towards Betty. Sandy jokingly puts his fists up to Alan and accidentally smashes Seth’s glass tankard. Betty is heartbroken and as Alan comforts her he tries to kiss her. Elsewhere, Jo is amused at Louise’s desperate attempts to woo Hari and makes fun of her not having any one to spend Christmas with. Jo implies she's not going to be alone at Xmas, but she hints at too much and Louise jumps to the conclusion that she is having an affair.


Regular cast

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  • First appearance of David Metcalfe.
  • A woman who greets Sandy is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 7,110,000 viewers (26th place).
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