Donald has found that Hannah Elizabeth Gough married Matthew Pearson in Robblesfield Church in 1800 - Seth notices that Matthew shares Sam's surname. Meanwhile, the villagers discover that the police have arrested Pip and Steve in Liverpool.


The police have confirmed that the person to whoever the skull belonged had had their neck broken. Sam tells Matt he saw Antony and Seth together and he thinks Antony is leading Seth astray politically. Donald visits a church in Robblesfield in an attempt to find more information about Hannah Elizabeth. He also gets Amos to check to see what newspapers were in existence whilst she was alive, believing she may have been buried in the way she was due to criminal activity. News hits the village that Steve and Pip have been arrested in Liverpool. Amos looks forward to his role of chief witness in the trial. Jessie suggests an afternoon wedding followed by reception at the Village Hall. Sam, Joe, Matt and Annie are intrigued by the idea but Annie points out that surely Phyllis would want something more traditional. Jessie tells Annie that she's already phoned her and Phyllis has said she's lost all interest in Dolly and the wedding. Dolly is surprised by the news. Jessie suggests oyster satin for her dress and Dolly is thrilled with the idea. Donald receives news from Robblesfield. He discovers that Hannah Elizabeth Gough married Matthew Pearson in Robblesfield Church on 23rd May 1800. Seth points out that Matthew shares Sam's surname.


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