Toni and Paddy enjoy a night out on the town with Katie and Andy. Paddy’s jealous when Toni pulls another guy. However, when the guy loses interest in Toni due to her scar she's devastated. Paddy ditches an old flame he's met to comfort her and they end up sharing a passionately embrace. Elsewhere, Eric asks David to move in with him and later offers him a part of the business. Val is suspicious of Eric's sudden change of attitude towards David. While searching for her missing purse, Val comes cross the DNA results envelope and figures that Eric had a dodgy test done. Eric takes it from her and admits that he did the test behind David's back. Meanwhile, Perdy leaves Katie in lurch when she's pulls out of a meeting with a potential customer for the stables. Jo agrees to step into the breach and meet the client on Katie's behalf.


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