Jessie is fuming when Phyllis begins to claim that she can't afford the reception and decides to go have it out with her. Meanwhile, Sam learns something horrifying about his family's past and asks for it to be kept private.


Antony asks Seth not to tell Sam he might be descended from Hannah until they know for sure. Jessie buys Dolly a blouse to wear for the christening. Sam talks to Seth at the allotment about the bones. Seth struggles to keep quiet when Sam voices his opinion on it being a local vagrant and warns him off Antony. Annie runs into Antony in the church and explains Sam's theories about him and Seth. He admits that Seth can't read and he's teaching and asks him to keep it quiet. Jessie tells Dolly that Phyllis is refusing to send over her veil for the wedding and is now saying that she can't afford to pay for the wedding reception. Jessie knows that she can having seen it in her savings book, she tells Dolly she's returning to have it out with Phyllis. Donald finds out that Hannah Elizabeth was Sam's great great grandmother and breaks the news to Sam. Donald explains that Hannah's parents were Samuel and Elizabeth Gough who died from smallpox, but before they died they were looked after by their daughter-in-law Lucy Briggs, who was accused of starving them. When they died, Hannah returned to the village and publicly accused Lucy of killing them. A year later, when Lucy fell ill, Hannah made her a herbal brew and she later died. The villagers accused Hannah of poisoning her and she was found guilty and hanged behind The Woolpack. Sam is shaken by the news and asks for time to digest the information before it's made public.


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