Matthew tells Chas to organise a family lunch as he has something to reveal about Rosemary which will put an end to the wedding plans. Everyone turns up for lunch bemused as to what's going on, especially Tom, where Matthew reveals that Rosemary was kicked out of Oakwell Hall by her nephew, who sold the estate to the Yorkshire Historical Trust; a sale which took place a while back, that Rosemary had forgotten to mention. All companies she owned went into liquidation, leaving her effectively bankrupt. Afterwards, Grayson questions Perdy as to how Matthew knew about Rosemary's secret. She admits her guilt, telling him that Rosemary wanted her to give him a divorce. He dismisses this as ridiculous and accuses Perdy of spitefully betraying Rosemary. Elsewhere, Terry tells Jean that all his collusion with Bob against the Kings is no longer about Dawn but for Bob's sake as he doesn’t feel that he can leave him to go it alone. Jean still insists that it's only going to lead to trouble.


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