Besides themselves with worry, Donna and Marlon wait anxiously as the police try to track down the kids. When Eli finds them in Seth’s hide, he takes them back to a much-relieved Donna and Marlon. They remain concerned however that the kids were keen to escape from their Uncle Tony. When Marlon overhears Tony on the phone it becomes clear that he doesn’t want them. Scott and Debbie visit the Hopes’ flat and are shocked at the mess. When Scott picks up a jumper which suspiciously smells of smoke, Debbie immediately confronts Bob about the billboard arson. Worried that Scott will tell Viv what has happened in her absence, Bob promises to put a halt to his vendetta. Meanwhile, Katie is home from hospital and relieved to hear that Diane is taking care of all the Christmas dinner arrangements. When put on the spot, Jack begrudgingly invites Jo to The Woolpack with the rest of the family. Andy’s suggestion that she invite her mum doesn’t go down too well with a reluctant Jo. Elsewhere, Terry starts to become depressed over TJ's departure and later shares his feelings to Chas in the Woolpack; both of whom express their mutual hatred towards Tom for destroying their lives.


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