Jessie helps Sam come to terms with his recent discovery, whilst a proper funeral is held for Hannah Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Jessie's heads back to Darlington to teach Phyllis a lesson.


Antony catches Sam staring at the graves of Samuel and Elizabeth Gough and tries to console him. Sam apologises to him for getting things wrong with Seth. Amos has a photographer take a photo of Hannah Elizabeth's burial site. He plans to write a piece for the Hotten Courier. Sam struggles to process the information about Hannah Elizabeth. Jessie confronts him about her and makes him see the situation in a positive light. She encourages him to face the village as he always has done, with pride in his family and cheers him up. When Sam calls into The Woolpack, Seth confronts him over his wrong opinion on Antony. He tries to humiliate Sam by taunting him over Hannah Elizabeth. Amos, Matt, Henry and Antony all stand up to Seth telling him to shut up. Sam tells Antony if he needs any help with the school play he'll be happy to help and shakes his hand. Seth later apologises to Sam for his outburst and the two men make up. A farewell tea is held for Jessie at the farm with Antony and Donald invited as well. They all see Jessie off back to Darlington. A proper funeral takes place for Hannah Elizabeth and she is finally laid to rest.


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Amos Brearly: "Quick, Mr. Wilks, go an' clear t'clothesline. I'll not 'ave my smalls in t'nationals."

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