Carl is stunned to return home and discover that Chas has moved out. When Carl presents her with tickets to Vegas for their wedding, she tells him the wedding is off. Seeing his hurt, she almost reveals all and suggests they leave the village for good, but when he defends his family she concedes that the relationship is over. In a bid to keep his son onside, Tom surprises Carl by offering him a chance to take charge of the business. Elsewhere, Len notices that Edna is lacking her progress with her Christmas decorations at the cottage and worries about her increasing misery and isolation. He later confronts Tom to remind him that his blackmail is what led to Edna's solitude and the two exchange threats until Tom gets the last word in. Having witnessed this, Rosemary urges Tom to make amends with Edna by inviting her over to their upcoming wedding; during the conversation, Tom expresses his concerns about Grayson and is shocked when Rosemary reveals his homosexuality. Meanwhile, Viv is shocked when she discovers that in her absence Jean has absconded with TJ, together with the compensation money. She is further suspicious to hear about the billboard arson and questions Bob over his involvement, which he confesses to before assuring his wife that this is the end of it.


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