The police put pressure on Bob to admit he had something to do with the murder when he's taken in for questioning. Bob is on the defensive and insists that he was only at the wedding to pass a message to Donna. The police note that Bob was accused of trying to run over Tom only a few weeks before. Bob eventually cracks and admits that he was at the house to see Tom, but he insists that he had nothing to do with his murder. The King brothers return to Home Farm and are incensed by Rosemary’s apparent nonchalance about Tom’s death as she blithely serves the police tea and biscuits before moving swiftly on to arranging the funeral. Later, Rosemary’s calm façade cracks and she almost breaks down on Grayson, but she swiftly pulls herself together. Paddy gives Toni a belated Christmas present of a fancy jewellery set at a romantic candlelit dinner. Toni happens to open the box with the ring in first and assumes that he’s making a proposal. A horrified Paddy feels obliged to go along with her misunderstanding when she happily says ‘yes’.


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