Chas is interrogated by Barraclough and Dasari over the assault. She tries to dismiss it as a misunderstanding but it isn’t that simple when the horse's head that Eli stole is identified as the murder weapon. The Dingles’ day reaches a shocking conclusion when they are both arrested under suspicion of murder. Meanwhile, the King brothers consult Tom’s solicitor and Rosemary worries about their scheming. Mitchell informs the boys that in the event of Tom's death his will stated that the property development would be sold and any money used to pay debts at Home Farm Estates. The brothers are horrified when it becomes clear that Rosemary benefits from their father's death. Also, Daz is distraught to fail almost all his mock exams. Jack reassures him after Daz worries that he will always be playing catch-up. Daz vows not to fail like his father did and Jack agrees to help him find a job.


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