Billy arrives back in the village but his sons react differently to their father. Andy demands that Billy leaves them alone but Daz has divided loyalties. After catching Daz on his own, Billy tries to convince him to meet in secret. Meanwhile, Val feels sympathy for Rodney’s situation but Eric refuses to help. Rodney spends his day drinking in The Woolpack and mocks Val’s attempts at an apology. Desperate to help she convinces David to give Rodney some compensation and infuriates Eric by allowing Rodney to stay at Farrers. Elsewhere, Kelly worries about Billy’s return and refuses to go outside. Jimmy does his best to comfort her and reassures her that he will support her. Kelly determines to do something about Billy.


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Memorable dialogue

(Val looks around the Woolpack sitting room looking for her cigarettes. Donna enters)
Donna Windsor-Dingle: "I've binned them." 
Val Lambert: "What?" 
Donna Windsor-Dingle:: "Your fags. I've binned them." 
Val Lambert:: "Who says I'm looking for me fags?" 
(Diane enters) 
Diane Sugden: "Oh, you haven't given in already?" 
Val Lambert: "No." 
Donna Windsor-Dingle: "Yeah, she was gonna light up and stink the place out." 
Val Lambert:: "D'you know, since you decided to become Juliet Bravo, you've developed a nasty, suspicious little mind." 
Diane Sugden: "She might have a pack stuffed down her knickers." 
(Val tries to leave the room just as Marlon enters) 
Donna Windsor-Dingle: "Marlon, stop her!" 
Marlon Dingle: "What?" 
Donna Windsor-Dingle: "Stop her! I've been to see Dr. Abbott and I was right - when it comes to asthma, smoking is the biggest no-no of all." 
Val Lambert: "I was the one who told you to go in the first place and this is the thanks I get?" 
Donna Windsor-Dingle: "Spread 'em." 
Val Lambert: "What?" 
Donna Windsor-Dingle: "Well, I need to check if you've got any ciggies tucked away. Marlon, hold her!" 
Marlon Dingle: "Do I have to, I...?" (sighs) 
Val Lambert:: "Touch me and you will wake up singing soprano!" 
Donna Windsor-Dingle: "I have been dying to practice this." 
(Donna raises Val's arms and searches her)
Val Lambert: "Pervert."

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