When Diane forgets to pick up Victoria and Kayleigh up from the youth club night, Victoria sees an opportunity to go clubbing. As they queue up outside the venue, Kayleigh bottles out whilst Victoria gets friendly with an 18-year-old. When he suggests they sneak round the back in order to get in quicker, she soon discovers he's got more than a queue-jump in mind. Meanwhile, prompted by Kelly, Jimmy sends Billy into Hotten on the night shift, not realising that Eli’s tampered with the truck. Whilst emptying the bins round the back of the club, he bumps into and rescues a scared Victoria from the clutches of her over amorous suitor. When she begrudgingly accepts a lift back to the village with Billy, Eli’s work comes to fruition as the truck crashes through a fence into a lake. Meanwhile, a worried Jack and Daz have managed to track the pair down and are horrified to see scenes of Victoria in the water with Billy still submerged.


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