Rodney continues in his quest to bed Georgina by using Laurel's cleaning keys to gain access to Mill Cottage. With Perdy and Gray out for the day, the randy pair get down to 'business'. However, the Sinclairs arrive back early and an irate Perdy throws them out. Rodney has no choice but to confess everything to Georgina and she storms off. Meanwhile, with Andy and Jo shacked up at the B&B, the villagers offer their support to a heartbroken Katie. She loses it after Diane accidentally informs her of their previous affair and sets off to confront Jo. The love rivals trade insults and blows outside the vets' before they are separated. Later, Jo impresses upon Andy that they should reclaim Butler's Farm. Also, Debbie is attracted by Eli's impressive stash of money and agrees to accompany him on his next scam. However, Eli has second thoughts when he cottons on to Debbie's lack of experience and pulls her from the job.


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