Jasmine tries to ply Jamie for more information and confides her suspicions to McNally. He orders her to get a confession from Jamie so she sets up a meeting with her friend. They meet that afternoon where Jamie believes that Jasmine wants to seduce him. As he makes his move, she confuses him by posing questions about the photograph. Their conversation is interrupted by the click of the tape recorder and Jasmine scarpers. Also, Marlon faces his worst nightmare when he is forced to wait on Viv. His day gets worse during a game of Scrabble when Viv gets cramp and persuades him to give her a foot rub. Bizarrely the tension between them eases and they get on fairly well. Elsewhere, Debbie uses the money from the casino scam to buy a taxi and announces her intention to set-up her own firm. She lies to Daz when he questions her about where she got the money and is buoyed by Len's encouraging words.


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