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Donna and Kelly head off to her passing out parade while Bob, Marlon and Paddy wait for an unwell Viv. However, their car conks out on the moors just as Viv's waters break. Panic ensues as Marlon sets off to find help, leaving Bob and Paddy to deliver the babies. Bob is lost for words as he delivers his daughter and Paddy is equally stunned as he is left with the awkward responsibility of delivering baby number two. Mother and father are overjoyed with the twins and their exhaustion gives way to the promise of a happier future. Meanwhile, Donna is in a sombre mood as her family fail to show up. With no idea of the chaos happening on the moors, Donna is left with only Kelly to congratulate her as she collects her warrant card. Elsewhere, Jasmine wrestles with her conscience as McNally pushes her for the dirt on Jamie. When she sees Jamie later, she lies by reassuring him that McNally has nothing on him and he tries to persuade her to give the photos to the police. However, upon her return home, she is horrified to discover that the camera is missing.


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Memorable dialogue

Viv Hope: "Bob? Bob?!"
(Bob walks over to the car)
Bob Hope: "Um, I'm afraid we've got some bad news."
Viv Hope: "I'll see you and raise you ten. My waters have broken!" (screams)