Jamie breaks down under the pressure and admits to Jasmine that his alibi for Tom’s murder is weak and worries that the whole village thinks he’s the murderer. Later, Debbie overhears Jasmine filling McNally in on Jamie’s troubles. Debbie realises that the camera Jasmine has lost is the one in her possession. When Jamie receives a letter with the words ‘You’re Nicked’ he worries the camera may have fallen into the wrong hands. Meanwhile, Viv tries to relax in hospital with the twins and appreciates Kelly’s newfound desire to help her family. With Marlon and Kelly at the bedside, Bob and Viv inform them that the babies will be named Cathy and Heathcliffe, as they were born on the moors. Elsewhere, Laurel struggles to complete her cleaning tasks at The Woolpack because every synthetic cleaning product triggers her morning sickness. When Val and Betty test her reaction to different products it seems that the worst culprits are cleaner and polish.


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