Jamie empties his bank account in an effort to pay off his blackmailer. Jasmine is astonished when he demands £300 to help his cause. Chas convinces Jamie to tell her what is wrong and he asks her for the money instead. Chas tells him to calm down but Jamie ignores her and heads off to the drop-off point with Jasmine. Both are angered, but not surprised when Debbie appears demanding the money from Jamie in half an hour. Elsewhere, Paul and Diane are surprised when they get an invitation to Sharon’s wedding. They worry whether Val has been invited to her own daughter’s wedding. As Val breezes in, blissfully unaware her daughter’s impending marriage, Paul and Diane debate about accepting the invitation. After another restless night, Viv and Bob finally return from the hospital with the twins in tow. Both parents are grateful for Kelly’s continued support and Bob partially heals their rift while keeping his dislike for Jimmy clear.


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