Blissfully unaware of Sharon’s arrival, Val explains to Diane that the reason she hasn’t spoken to Sharon is because Sharon stole from her when she was younger. Paul regards his half-sister coldly and it is clear there are some issues between them as well. He orders her to leave the village but Diane is more restrained and talks to Sharon about the past and that she should apologise to Val. With Sarah causing friction at the Vet's, Jo talks to Andy and urges him to move out of Paddy’s house. She desperately wants a place of their own and suggests moving back into Butler's Farm at Katie’s expense. Andy is sympathetic to Jo’s feelings. Elsewhere, Viv is beginning to reach the end of her tether as Heath’s persistent crying takes its toll. She tries her best to palm the twins off on everybody from Emily to Jamie with limited success. The final straw for Viv comes when she overhears Bob on the baby monitor complaining about her behaviour and storms out of the Post Office.


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