Joe is jealous when Jack and Penny begin a romance. Edward feels guilty that he couldn't visit an old woman before she died, despite Liz's comforting words.


Alison tells Amos that she does not have to consult him if she wants to go out with anyone but he wants her to think of the reputation of the pub. Frank receives a letter stating he can stay at the Forge. Joe thinks Matt should rename Jameson's Farm. Jack gives Frank and Janie a Spanish phrase book. Annie arrives at the millhouse with Penny and Joe. Joe's jealous when Jack takes her hand. A man arrives at Emmerdale Farm to install a telephone. Reverend Ruskin blames himself when an old lady dies before he could visit her. Liz wants him to get a curate. Penny informs Jack that Golightly is her mother's maiden name, she asks him if she can help to redecorate the millhouse. Henry is birdwatching and stumbles upon a woman's shoe but tosses it aside. Joe is downbeat since Penny is spending time with Jack. Matt suggests dropping a hint to Jack that Joe likes Penny. Alison agrees to go out with Henry. Amos offers Alison a spare room at the pub. Janie is baffled when Frank packs books for the honeymoon. Amos is upset to see Alison getting in Henry's car.


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