Billy comforts Victoria after finding her having a panic attack and it is clear she is still suffering the after-effects of the accident. After learning from Kelly that Jack had something to do with it as well, Billy confronts him and Jack tells him that he wouldn’t be sorry to see Billy get hurt. Fuming, Billy threatens him, and tries to broker a deal with Jack. He tells him that as long as Jack leaves him alone he won’t tell Victoria the truth about the accident. Elsewhere, a hung-over Val wakes to find her drunken exploits splashed all over the front page of the Hotten Courier. Diane and Paul are furious to discover the truth about Val. Meanwhile, Viv asks Emily to help her out with the twins but Emily is reluctant after what happened with Sarah. Bob returns home with an idea of applying for a sales job at old-haunt Naughty Nylons to raise the money.


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