The police search the Kings’ landfill site and uncover the murder weapon. It is clear that Barraclough suspects one of the Kings murdered Tom and she reports her findings to Vaughan and states her intention to hold a press conference. Meanwhile, Andy informs Daz about Billy’s attack on Jack and warns him to stay away from their dad. Andy repels Billy and denounces him as nothing more than a murderer. Hurt, Billy announces his intentions to leave the village, but after he and Daz reconnect, he decides to stay. Elsewhere, Belle goes to take her test for the new school; the girl showing her around seems disenchanted by school life and states her ambition to become a footballer's wife. After the test, the Dingles return to the village and await the results and their impact on Belle's future. As Bob prepares for a return to work, he is reluctant to leave Emily alone with the twins. Marlon is aghast to realise he's forgotten his wedding anniversary to Donna. Making a bad day worse, when he argues with new Woolpack cook Pearl Ladderbanks about her unhealthy cuisine, she hits him in the face with a pie.


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