The King brothers decide to go ahead with the funeral preparations without Rosemary, who is still away. Rosemary however has made her own plans and has meanwhile moved the body to another undertakers, without the brothers' knowledge. It is revealed that Belle scored 98% on her entrance exam and is offered a place at the private school. However their happiness is crushed when Mrs Burgess informs them that she was unable to secure a full scholarship. Meanwhile, Viv is concerned as Bob's interview at Naughty Nylons approaches and fears that this will keep him from spending time with the twins. Meanwhile, Bob spends his day practising his sales pitch on Paul who proves to be a difficult customer. Carl invites Chas to Tom's funeral; later, Debbie asks her to be a partner in Dingle Cabs. Val tries to mend fences with Paul over the revelation that she slept with Sharon's boyfriend, but he is left unmoved.


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