Bob cancels his job interview with Naughty Nylons and Viv is secretly delighted. However, the Hopes receive a big surprise when Bob's brother Eddie shows up revealing that he is the sales manager for Naughty Nylons. An impressed Bob accepts a job with him. Rosemary meets with Ashley to reorganise the funeral plans. The King brothers continue to argue with her over every detail, but she is quick to point out that they in fact were originally trying to bury Tom without her. Meanwhile, as Paul and Diane continue to ignore Val over her treatment of Sharon, she spends a lonely birthday as she stews in her own misery. Eric appeals to them for leniency.


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Eric Pollard: (singing) "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Valerie, who's age shall not be mentioned because she looks so young and people wouldn't believe her, happy birthday to you."

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