Rosemary is left to grieve alone at the funeral as the boys exclude her. As Barraclough and Dasari observe the mourners' reactions with interest, all other attention is soon switched to a mystery mourner. Revealed to be Carrie Nicholls the nurse who looked after a dying Mary King, Tom's late wife and mother to the boys. Viv meanwhile is still smarting at Bob's decision to accept the job at Naughty Nylons. However he's more concerned with Tom's funeral and sees it as an opportunity to draw a line under Dawn's death. However Viv is further incensed to discover that Bob will be leaving with Eddie for a two-week training course and is in no mood for fond farewells. Elsewhere, Tom's many enemies brood on the day their nemesis is sent six feet under. Terry, Zak, Jack, Len, Jamie, Shadrach and Bob gather in The Woolpack to drink a morbid toast to his death. Meanwhile, Barraclough and Dasari keep a watchful eye on the group.


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