Matthew, Jimmy, Carl and Rosemary gather for Tom's will reading. The group are shocked when Carrie Nicholls joins them claiming that she's been named in the will. As Home Farm and the company are divided between those gathered, everyone is shocked when a Scarlett Nicholls is named as a beneficiary. They are further shocked when Scarlet is revealed to be Carrie's daughter by Tom. Elsewhere, Shadrach and Eli turn up for their first day as taxi drivers but business is slow for Debbie's Cabs. Sending her recruits into the village armed with flyers, Debbie is pleased to get a booking from her first client. However, she is furious with Shadrach and Eli when they can't find the address. Louise and Jamie worry about Terry's demeanour following Tom's funeral and urge him to take the day off. He agrees and heads out for the day with TJ. The father and son bonding works a treat and Terry is shaken out of his malaise.


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