Carrie visits Matthew at Home Farm and Rosemary uses the opportunity to show her round and probe her about her relationship with Tom. Carrie admits that she's had no contact with Tom over the years apart from a monthly cheque for Scarlett. When Rosemary hears of Matthew's secret proposal, she urges her to fight her corner. Meanwhile, Eric is delighted to be invited on a council excursion to be held in Spain. However Val tells him that they are too busy at the factory and he can't afford to be away fromwork. When David offers to step in and run the business, Eric is thrilled. However Val is less sure and wonders whether he's to be trusted. Elsewhere, Debbie is annoyed to discover that following Shadrach's crash, the cab is a write-off. Armed with no insurance, she storms round to the Dingles and insists that he covers the costs himself. When he refuses, she fights dirty and threatens to tell the police that he stole the car.


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