Scheming David spots a chance to manipulate events to his advantage when Val and Delilah hit the town on a night out. After contriving to get tipsy Val alone in the bar, he confronts her about why she's been so cold with him recently. Inebriated, Val doesn't reveal her suspicions about him but also doesn't notice when he takes a debit card and £2,000 cash out of her handbag that was due to go to the bank! Triumphant, David gives the card back to Eric who's fuming that she's been so careless. Elsewhere, Perdy invites Paul, Katie and Jonny to a dinner party and Katie dresses to impress Jonny, unaware that he's gay! She spends much of the evening fighting off Harvey's advances and when she finally makes her move on Jonny, she soon discovers the truth. Meanwhile, Perdy has her own motives, envious of Grayson and Jonny's relationship she's convinced that Grayson fancies him and watches his reaction when Paul and Jonny arrange to go on a date. Gray is vexed by her suspicions and confronts his wife.


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