Much to David's disappointment, Eric is appeased by Val's offer to pay back the £2K. However, relentless in his desire for revenge, David lies to Del telling her that Val made a pass at him in the taxi. Incensed, she confronts a bewildered Val. Elsewhere, Katie decides to rent more land from Andy in order to expand her business. As they discuss her plans, a jealous Jo interrupts the meeting angry that they're alone. Later, Katie arrives at the stables to discover Andy's jeep parked in front preventing her from getting the horses in and out. She confronts Jo assuming that she's responsible. However, after finding the two at each other's throats again, Andy decides to rent Katie the land as long as she moves out. Meanwhile, Perdy's regretting her meddling at the dinner party as Paul berates her for using him as a pawn in her marital mess, and Grayson's still furious that she doesn't trust him. However, it seems that Perdy might have done Paul a favour when Jonny comes into The Woolpack to see him!


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