Dolly and Matt marry at last. Leonard invites Dolly and Matt on his and Phyllis's honeymoon to the Bahamas but she rejects. Meanwhile, wedding bells ring for Pip and Steve as well, with Steve being allowed out of prison by Alec.


Donald talks Joe and Amos through what their jobs will be at Matt and Dolly's wedding. Matt's suspicious of why Sam has gone to Hotten with Polly, Alec and Pip. Annie remains secretive. Matt tells Annie that Alec's told him he's come into money due to his grandfather leaving all his grandchildren a nest egg before he died - his has now grown to over five thousand pounds. He says he'll surprise Dolly with the news after the wedding and he'll be paying for the wedding expenses. Sam phones Annie from Hotten with the news that Steve and Pip have been married, Steve having been let out of prison to do so all thanks to Alec. He also tries to tell her that he's got Billy, a chimneysweep for Matt and Dolly's wedding, but runs out of time. Leonard tries to convince Dolly to go to the Bahamas on her honeymoon with him and Phyllis, but she won't budge. Matt celebrates his last night before the wedding with drinks in The Woolpack. The following day, both Matt and Dolly separately leave for the wedding. Dolly arrives at the church and the ceremony begins as Billy gets stuck behind cows on his way from Hotten. He arrives just in time for the photographs.


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  • Emmerdale Farm took a summer break following this episode and returned on 5th September.
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