Faced with the prospect of losing her business, Katie reluctantly takes up Andy's offer and decides to move out. Meanwhile, Rosemary's on a mission to destroy Perdy's business, and unperturbed by her initial failure to steal their clients, she orders Andy to close the stables after discovering that he's illegally subletting them to Katie. Andy's torn, but Jo is determined to get Katie out of their lives once and for all. Elsewhere, David causes more trouble when Eric tells Val that he's leaving him in charge of Val's Interiors while he's away. When Val protests that the company is half hers, Eric dismisses her claim and tells her that she won't see a penny of the business. Irate, Val vows to make his life a living hell! Elsewhere, Debbie and Chas are delighted when they convince the Dingles to drive the cars for Debbie's new taxi company for only 60% of the fares! However, when Donna overhears their gloating and tells Marlon, he dismisses her warning telling her the latest Dingle venture is great for the family!


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