After Andy reveals to a furious Katie that she can no longer let the stables at Butler's Farm, she and Perdy confront Rosemary, who shrewdly offers the use of Home Farm in exchange for a cut of the profits. Perdy's furious at her mother-in-law's attempt to undermine her but Katie is tempted by the offer and they finally agree to the deal. Meanwhile, Jo watches on in delight as Katie moves out, and when she snaps back at Jo yet another brawl ensues. As Katie warns Jo it's only a matter of time before Andy leaves her too, Jo looks shaken. Meanwhile, Eric gives David his hotel phone number so that he can be contacted whilst he's away and suggests that David passes it on to Val. However David's eager to cause more trouble and tells a deflated Val that if Eric wanted to spak to her he would have given her his hotel number. Elsewhere, after playing hard to get, Paul finally goes on his date with Jonny. He's slightly overdressed for a walk in the country and despite his graceless fall into a stream the date is a success!


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