Matthew is shocked when Perdy reveals that Rosemary's first husband died in a mysterious shooting accident leaving her with a small fortune. Convinced that it's more than a coincidence that both of Rosemary's wealthy husbands died, he urges Perdy to tell the police. Over at Home Farm, Katie and Perdy are wary of Rosemary when she demands to see their books. When Rosemary threatens to pull out of the deal, Katie backs down but Perdy is furious, realising that her interfering has already begun. Meanwhile, Edna's concerned about Tootsie's health and reluctantly lets Billy examine her. However, she gets a shock when he reveals that the dog is about to give birth! Fraught Edna watches in astonishment as Billy delivers the puppies, and Hari informs her that the puppies were conceived when Pearl lost Tootsie.


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