The detectives arrive to question Rosemary, much to the King brothers' delight. Rosemary admits that she was due to meet Tom just before he died and is rattled when she's asked about her first husband's death. She immediately assumes that Perdy has betrayed her. Elsewhere, Jimmy arrives at Carrie's house and demands answers about her relationship with Tom. When he insists that she stay away from them, Carrie retorts telling him that she refuses to see her daughter denied her inheritance. Tempers rise as they quarrel about the situation and Carrie finally slaps Jimmy. As he gets into his car to leave, he's troubled when he finally sees his sister Scarlett outside the house. Back in the village, Edna blames Pearl for Tootsie's unexpected litter and ignores her in the street. She's still no closer to discovering who the father of the puppies is and is horrified when she realises there's a possibility that the father could be a Dingle dog!


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Memorable dialogue

Daz Eden: "I don't even know what a pageant is."
Louise Appleton: "Oh, it's kind of like a party."
Alan Turner: "Well, hardly a party, it's more of a historical celebration."
Daz Eden: "Banging."
Sandy Thomas: "Indeed."
Alan Turner: "Yes, but for the sake of simplicity in this instance, what, voice of youth, would entice you to attend the party?"
Daz Eden: "Free booze and female nudity."
Sandy Thomas: "I'll second that!"
(Len Reynolds and Louise laugh)

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